It’s 2044 and our public water supply is completely tainted with an unknown toxic substance that melts skin. Coastal sea waters, rivers and lakes are all lethal. Scientists study the cause while different industries point fingers at each other. A group of daredevil surfers emerge who’ll do anything to catch a wave even if it means death…. Their thrill sport has amassed a huge following bringing in monetary gains and sponsors that give them the necessary funds to coat themselves in thin layers of precious metals offering resistance to the acid level waters. The coatings have a time limit until the toxic waters eat away through to their skin. Once burned, they are finished. Living in the waters are mysterious humanoid mutant creatures, rumoured to be escaped lab experiments. In a way these BEAUTIFUL CREATURES are guardian angels to the TOXIC CITY SURFERS, but only for those who share their wealth and rewards with them. The more rewards shared the more they stay loyally close to their master’s boards. The more creatures that they share with the more follow and stay near, thus the TOXIC CITY SURFERS get an immediate hand getting out of the danger and pain of the waters and safely back on to their boards. Here, BEAUTIFUL CREATURE CERULEAN appears in a mysterious coating that can only be described by its colour, Cerulean Blue and as one of the first TOXIC CITY SURFERS NODES in the METAVERSE


The idea that we as humans could destroy this great Earth is conceited. Yes, we may have a negative impact on the land, oceans and all around ecosystem. Yes, this may lead to our home planet becoming uninhabitable for us - but the earth will remain. It will undoubtedly be changed or evolved but when we perish at the hands of our own negligence and greed she will still be. What will nature’s evolution be without man? Through travel into unparalleled dimensions we arrive in an environment that seems as much organic as it does designed and technological. An escape into a mountainous forest, a sonic world with an impeccable and fully immersive sound system. A world with reactive plants and creatures where the blades of grass, leaves of trees, and the colours of the sunset are all reactive to the harmonious music that blares through hidden speakers as if it were the hand of God on the turntable wheels. Could this be the singularity fusion of nature and music, or the ultimate venue? The Pioneers who first set foot into this dimension reverse engineered the sound system and launched their portal, planting their flag for commerce. They have already started monetising access to this NODE for players who spawn in third-person or VR to dive into a meta-fest gathering by way of their correct corresponding portal passes. It is governed by the DAO who choose the musical artists and events that take place and overtake the organic sound system. Think Woodstock, except you are at home and your avatar is in the NATURE NODE winning Son!


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